Experience a Candle without a match-stick !

The New Age of Candle Lovers is NOW



Don’t burn in the past. Stay Fire-Free. Stay Safe.

Stay Fire-Free. Stay Safe.

We’re literally doing it from scratch...

.. to give you features that matter

Height Adjustment

Fits all Candle Sizes with ease.

Auto-Turn Off

Set & forget with peace of mind

Perfect Melt

No more tunnelling in your candles.

Ever heard of a Perfect Melt ?

Let us explain...

When you have a even layer of melt your candle would look as good as new after ever use.

More reasons to ditch the flame !

Safe aroma therapy for Pets

Safety against Fire Hazards

Baby Proof Your Candle

FOMO is real; get moving..

To good, But True..

Life Time Bulb Supply

Our bulbs are tested to Time-Machines. We are confident they’d work out until the future.

We are confident they’d work out until the future.

If they fail we replace them for Free* for the next 3 years !

*We’ll ship at-cost. You will have to pay shipping so that we don’t go out of business.

Whats will be in the Box ?

Whats in the Box ?

Candle Warmer Lamp x1

50W Halogen Bulbs x2

Candle Care Kit x1

1x Candle Warmer Lamp

2x Halogen Bulbs 50W

1x Candle Care Kit

You Get the Ultimate Candle Guide too !

Take care of Your Scented Candles like a pro !


You can expect to place the order in February 2022.
Our attention to detail, high quality finishing, certified and safe parts and 3 Year Bulb Guarantee makes us stand out unlike any other.
Yes you can. Do send us an email once you place the order.
Most candle warmer lamps come in the range of $45 – $70. We would keep ours in a similar range. 
Ohh yes ! Once you use this product you’ll completely forget about lighting your candle up ever ! 

We are a community driven brand

Be an early supporter of our break-through Candle warmer lamp and get a custom hand-packaged unit with special goodies. Yes, 20% discount is on the house too!

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